It is all about inspiring and helping you create your desired lifestyle of freedom


I'm Tariq, a professional affiliate marketer and a digital business adviser. I am passionate about helping people to realise the power of the internet in this age we live in and inspiring & helping them to actions that will enable them to live life on their own terms. I main focus is helping people like you set up and build internet based income streams which gives them the freedom to live their desired lifestyle. I have the privilege of being mentored and working some of the best digital experts, this is my way of giving way of giving back to others.

I have help various people from different parts of the world create their own successful online business, since I started working with the Six Figure Mentors in 2013. There is more to life than working the 9 to 5 until retirement. The internet have made it possible for ordinary people like you and I to have a business which doesn't restrict us to a particular location, a business that enables us to work from anywhere we wish to. This opportunity wasn't available to us 10 to 20 years ago, we are living in the best time of our generation, the early years of the internet.
You are in control of your destiny - you can decide to serve a business until retirement or create a business that serves you.


My Vision

When my mission is successfully executed, thousand of people across the world will discover an alternative to the 9 to 5 and successfully run a business that serves them in which they are passionate about. They will become empowered and create their own path and have a healthy and balanced lifestyle. They will have the freedom to spend quality time with their loved once and have the freedom to live a life filled with choices adventure and happiness.

My Mission

My mission is to wake people up to realise that they have the choice to create their desired lifestyle in this new digital age.

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